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"Come Walk With Us" - NEW CD!
It's finally here! Our new CD was officially released on Saturday, May 10th.

The CD is titled "Come Walk With Us" and includes many of our most popular and beautiful songs.

You can buy your own copy of "Come Walk With Us" right now!

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We'll also have CDs available for sell at our upcoming concerts.

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Winter SolstiCelebration
Presented by Earth Rhythms
Friday, December 19th, 7-9pm
Cathedral of Hope - Dallas, Texas


Praise for Our New CD!

First of all, my deepest congratulations to all of you. I know what a labor of love (sweat and tears) such a project is. It is truly extraordinary. The singing is wonderful, musical, and colorful. You are obviously engaged in your singing - it made me smile, laugh (Java - you go girls!) and cry (Prayer of the Children)! The delicate blend you get is simply out of this world. It has it all - the TLC (tear, laugh, chill bump)!


Dr. Tim Seelig